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Bonnie Teitelbaum Abstract Artist Painting Style

Painting Style

I paint original works using acrylic paints. There are many layers in my paintings starting off with a strong under painting. I then sandwich layers of paint between pours of clear gel. This provides a clear barrier for light to travel through the different layers giving a sense of depth, like looking into a tidal pool.  More layers applied becomes lighter and more transparent.

I work on panels as they are rigid and do not warp like stretched canvas can. My work goes to collectors around the country with different climate changes than here in New Mexico. I want to ensure that the integrity of the materials used in my art will hold up anywhere.

All sides are either painted a solid color or the image wraps around all sides making a finished piece that does not need framing.

Work is signed on the back as well as on the side if there is space.  I do not want to draw away from the work by putting my name on the front which the eye would go to immediately in non representational work. Title, dimensions, and my inventory number are also on the back. The annual  “Ode to a Road Trip” quintet paintings also list destinations traveled.  Paintings are wired on the back and wire ends are wrapped to protect fingers when hanging.

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